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Microchip Registation
Ear Cleaning Demo
Collecting Urine - Dog
Collecting Urine - Cat

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Everything Medical

VIN extends its commitment to the well-being of companion animals by providing the finest and most accurate pet health information in its client education website, Veterinary Partner. Get to know the people and places at Veterinary Partner! We know you'll love it.


Microchip Registration

During your visit Dr. Logan can easily place a rice sized microchip under your pet's skin so that any veterinarian or animal shelter can contact you if your lost pet is found.
Once the chip is placed you can register with PetLink so your name is listed as the pet's owner.


Ear Cleaning Demo

Steps for cleaning ears: FILL ear with cleaner; MASSAGE the outside of the area; Allow pet to SHAKE their head; WIPE debris with tissue around finger; Allow to DRY for 5 minutes; Apply topical MEDS if prescribed.


Collecting Urine From Your Dog

Here's a YouTube video on how to collect urine from your dog so that you can get a sample of urine for Dr. Logan to send to the lab for a urinalysis.


Collecting Urine From Your Cat

Here's a YouTube video on how to set up your cat's litter pan so that you can get a sample of urine for Dr. Logan to send to the lab for a urinalysis.


Sleeping Respiratory Rate

A good way to know how your pet's heart and lungs are working is to keep track of how many breaths are being taken per minute while they are at rest. You can count the number of breaths in 15 seconds and mutiply that number by 4.


Giving Your Pet SQ Fluids

Here's a YouTube video on how to administer fluids to your pet. Dr. Logan may ask you to do this at home when your pet needs support for kidney disease or dehydration.


Feline Asthma

Hi, I'm Fritz. Welcome to my site devoted to helping cats, caregivers, veterinarians and animal care professionals understand feline asthma, its treatment and management.


Diet-Associated Heart Disease DCM

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) has recently been seen in greater numbers of dogs being fed grain-free and boutique diets. These non-traditional diets are being investigated by the FDA and several veterinary schools because many dogs who eat them are developing this heart disease.

Sleeping Respiratory Rate
Give SQ Fluids
Feline Asthma
Diet-Associated Heart Disease
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