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Two dogs

So nice to hear

Thank you for the kind words!

I asked my clients how they feel about my services and here's what they said.  I am truly humbled!

Cat Being Cozy

"Thank you so much for helping to make Noodle, our 18 yr old cat's passing a peaceful one. We appreciate your compassion and the gentleness with the way you cared for him. Keep on doing what you do!"

- Bruce with Noodle

"You are kind, loving and compassionate to my Chausson and to me as well.  You seem to understand when our furry friends hurt and are freightened, so are we.  You respond so quickly and efficiently, that he is on the mend before he knows he is being treated and this is no small feat with a smart 14 year old Standard Poodle." 

- Elizabeth with Chausson

"Dr. Logan's compassion and empathy is extraordinary.  In my situation, she went above and beyond to help me personally." 

- Layne M. with Sydney


"Your manner is excellent and you obviously love animals and care for their well-being. And Chester loves you back.  The fact that he loves everyone should not diminish this at all." 

- Maryann M. with Chester


"My dog looks forward to seeing you! Plus it eliminates the worry of picking "Something" up at the vets office where sick animals are in the waiting room." 

- Lynda S. with Reba


"Quick response. Sensitive handling of a difficult situation." 

- Priscilla W. with Desmond


"I think you are an excellent vet and I am so happy to have found you.  I absolutely love the convenience of you coming to my house....even though I have a senior dog...,  if I had a younger dog I would absolutely have you come.......the convenience, calms the nerves...just a great experience overall.  One of the things I like the best is the contact with you at all times.  If I have a quick question...I don't have to call and speak to anyone at the front desk...and then have someone other then the doctor who I want to speak with call or email me back. You have quick response time and I love that I can communicate directly with you on any issue big or small." 

- Joanne E. with Buddy


"Everything! You are really special Jaime!!!!" 

- Jodi S. with American Bulldog Rescue at

"Doctor, I feel that you do everything well. You are good with the dogs and their sometimes overly worrisome people. You are quick to respond to phone calls. You answer questions clearly. You are prompt with your appointments. Coming after Dr. Collins you had big shoes to fill. You are doing that well."

- Fr. James and Maryanne with Murphy and Maggie


"You answer your phone yourself when able, you call back promptly, you leave messages on your voice mail telling where you are and when you are coming back, you are a happy person and you love animals and care for them and their owners! And you are smart!" 

- Barbara with "The Crew!"

"Very pleasant and reassuring. I feel my pet received the care she needed without unnecessary tests etc. Return calls were very prompt also."

- Pat with Missey


"Your expertise, professionalism and compassionate caring manner are greatly appreciated!"

- Fern with Buddy


"Dr. Logan:

Clearly you are a first rate veterinarian, and as lovely a person as anyone would come across. This is a combination we all wish for in our family doctors. We (and our cat) suffered for months as our JoJo urinated everywhere in our house except for the litter box. You were responsive, compassionate, and addressed the issue with a clear plan. Long story, short-our wood floors are pee-free thanks to you. You are truly a rare breed...thank you for everything."

- The Marcus Family

"You care about your patients and their owners! I really like how you will go where the pets are--crouched down on a bathroom floor if necessary-- rather than insisting on putting them in an uncomfortable spot. I think you are a truly compassionate and caring person. Plus I am confident you really know your @#$% about veterinary medicine! I also really liked that you offered to give me a prescription for meds rather than insisting on selling them to me. That's nice when you know your vet isn't all about making a buck. (Not that you shouldn't make a nice living! You should! But it's nice not to feel like a cash cow.)


 The housecalls mean the world to me. On those sad occasions when pet has to be euthanized, it is so much nicer to be able to do it at home. Plus I think mobile vets in general think more on their feet because they can't just whisk the pet away for expensive tests, they have to use more intuition, diagnostic insight and common sense in the field. The fact that you WANT to do that tells me good things about you. I look forward to a long and good relationship!"

- Tina H. with Felix, Oscar and Simon

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